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Is an art

A lifestyle a way of living

Get a sight of my soul

You said you know me

But for you this isn’t me

What has changed??

The fact I started

Scratching over every wall

Graffiti is creativity

Showing everyone ones other side

Is it scary??

You shouldn’t get scared

You just had a ticket to explore my soul

Be happy or get in the line of people

People waiting to spill all their prejudges

I’m not delinquent

I’m not a distorted soul

I’m just a human being like you

Who dare to show the humanity

My way of thinking

Even In an unconventional way

You told me I could express myself

But you gave no guidelines

It is vandalism

The old wall wished a beauty makeup

I just wanted to make the world beautiful

In my own way,  with my inks

I signed at the bottom

To let you know it is me

psalm: the magic of faith

i wake up in the morning feeling dizzy, tired

i open the book of life

trying my best to be near you, to hear your voice

still everything is calm

i know you can take it away, i know i will be ok

all because you are mighty

i open the windows and my heart chills

it’s sunny out there

though the snow is falling

i get back to my seat to say thanks

everything is just clear around me

how happy i feel when i know you are near me!

It is not a dream, i can feel it my heart can sing it

i praise you

i call upon you

even in darkest place where i think You can’t see me

you find a way to show me how magnificent you are.

when look at the nature,

the flowers,

the trees growing notwithstanding the cold winter

i know it’s the work of your hands

and deep inside i’m so happy to know you

i’m so happy to be called a son of the almighty