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Is an art

A lifestyle a way of living

Get a sight of my soul

You said you know me

But for you this isn’t me

What has changed??

The fact I started

Scratching over every wall

Graffiti is creativity

Showing everyone ones other side

Is it scary??

You shouldn’t get scared

You just had a ticket to explore my soul

Be happy or get in the line of people

People waiting to spill all their prejudges

I’m not delinquent

I’m not a distorted soul

I’m just a human being like you

Who dare to show the humanity

My way of thinking

Even In an unconventional way

You told me I could express myself

But you gave no guidelines

It is vandalism

The old wall wished a beauty makeup

I just wanted to make the world beautiful

In my own way,  with my inks

I signed at the bottom

To let you know it is me

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Insight of a night

It’s so cold outside
I put myself together
Walking so quick to reach home
I can stand it anymore
I’m so tired.
I reach home It’s so hot
Take a bath
Just stay there In the water
relaxing, dreaming
Oh well I guess I slept
I was wondering why uncomfortable
It doesn’t feel like bed
I’m Still laying here in the bath
It’s late, I wake up with blurred eyes
get myself dried
It was so good
Laughing with father
Discussing about everything
He who once was so hill
Is healthy, smiling
Then he say goodbye
I want to know more but it is late
Go to bed, how sweet it is
Stand up, kneel down and pray
Go back in bed next stop sweet dreams
Close my eyes but can’t sleep
Wake up put some movie
Back to bed, listening understanding
Then sound with no image
Sinking in the depth of sleep
Hearing nothing anymore
Laying there peacefully
in the warm of a medium sized bed

Oh everyone is there
Papi sitting in the middle
We are around listening to stories
Eating our meal up
“there’s wine” say someone!
Yeah you can have it all say papi
Come hug me say papi
He’s so warm, his arm are so protectiv
Wish I could stay some more


It’s time to wake up.
The night is over
How much I wish you could still be there
Long time you decided to have an eternal sleep
You went without saying goodbye.
You never woke up again.
Hope you were still here