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when i was just a child

They  lead me to You

They consecrate me in your obedience

I learned how life was supposed to be

With you guarding us like a shepherd

Back then I new you loved me

You call me beloved

And the blood of your dearest son

Was shed so that I can live

I don’t doubt your faithfulness

You are mighty

And I am blessed to be called the son of a God

They don’t believe in you

They say their powers are enough

They think it is your duty to

To put an End in the tragedies the world faces

But deep inside I believe we stuck in

By ourselves trying to prove our supremacy

As human being able to guide the others

I know you call me your beloved

You always find me even when I’m stuck

In a self digged pit

I often fail to obey you

But you still find a way to get me back to you

because i am your beloved one

psalm: the magic of faith

i wake up in the morning feeling dizzy, tired

i open the book of life

trying my best to be near you, to hear your voice

still everything is calm

i know you can take it away, i know i will be ok

all because you are mighty

i open the windows and my heart chills

it’s sunny out there

though the snow is falling

i get back to my seat to say thanks

everything is just clear around me

how happy i feel when i know you are near me!

It is not a dream, i can feel it my heart can sing it

i praise you

i call upon you

even in darkest place where i think You can’t see me

you find a way to show me how magnificent you are.

when look at the nature,

the flowers,

the trees growing notwithstanding the cold winter

i know it’s the work of your hands

and deep inside i’m so happy to know you

i’m so happy to be called a son of the almighty