Six of one, half a dozen of the other

the title sounds misterious huh?? Don’t be afraid focus on the reading ūüôā

before i continue to write anything #dontjudge my Englisch is not realllly on fleek still learning and  trying to improve myself

following #dailypost has it advantages, because few days ago i read this assigment for #promptwriting and it sounded really good so i decided to write somethig about it. let me expose the the theme: “six of one, half a dozen of the other write a six letter storie of what your future looks like and then turn it into a post” of course i changed some words since i am too lazy to go and find for it in my mails.

here we go, six letters hun?? let see what i came out with: A BIG FAMILY AND ENOUGH FINANCE¬† i don’t even know if it is right so feel free to correct.

Thinking about the future can often be stressful when one doesn’t know what is going to happen. but then we cannot keep ourselves of dreaming of better days. i believe it is important because we prepare for our future today. Knowing how you want it to loook like can be a great Motivation, in short to make the future bright, we have to invest in our present now!!

whenever i get asked what my Wishes for the future are i promptly say a big family and enough financial means to take care of. It sometimes happen that i get afraid of how i will archieve it but then it is what i am longing for so there is no turning back, i have to get to it and that motivates me to work harder.

My mother always say your work has to be your first husband. i can disagree with her you know!! Mothers are like Google they really know it all. but since i’m a Little bit ¬†stubborn i prefer thinking on my own like: while i’m studying, i’m gonna find a good guy, learn to know him, the good and the bad, and at the end maybe get marry to him. i believe a man (husband) shall be a woman’s best friend. someone with whom you can share your secrets your fears and even you thought, the scariest one and still have him on your side. what if you discover tomorrow that the guy you met one month ago seem just to be ( or let say is)¬†a betrayer. Of course maybe i’m dramatizing but it happens. by the way i will just be a little stubborn to my momma i will look for a good guy then concentrate on on my studies and at the end we will both be happy( what a nice dream!!!)

while looking for ¬†mr. right i may not stop or be blurred by the physical appearance yeah it is not important i will rather look for somone gentle who will care about me accept me as i am,¬† beyond all this believe in God. you may judge as you want so… ¬†are you looking for mr Right? what are your criteras? your fears? It is a difficult Task but with faith and¬† Focus you can have you are dreaming off.

i’m still working on my masterpiece and i have a Long way to go, it won’t be that easy but since i know where i’m heading to, i know how to prepare myself.

stopping here for today.

to be continued…

what about you? have you written something about it? if yes let’s share if not, then don’t be shy leave a comment

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I, myself and me

I like or mostly really love books, men and cooking

Don’t like chocolate

Find it difficult to trust

I believe in Christ

I know everything happens for a reason

I’m not lasy but some days just wanna sit around doing nothing

Watching some romance

Drinking some wine

I appreciate walking and observe the nature

I don’t cry for nothing just when I’m deeply hurt

I love the friends I have

I love my family

I don’t respect the rules

I prefer doing things my way

I hate talking about people and being jealous

I learn every day to appreciate myself more than I ever did

I like small talks, long conversation

Feel sometimes lonely

I make mistakes, learn from it

I’m afraid of being hurt

So I try to keep control on everything

Find peace in prayers or worship songs

Like to listen to love songs most of the time

But some days I stay up and shake that body

Will like to be able to cry when I need it

But it’s like I had no more tears

So whenever I feel sad I take a good warm shower,

Lay on the bed and try to find some peace in the arms of morphee

Some days I will like to have my friends with me

Starring at each other saying nothing

Or laying down admiring some imaginary stars.