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Waiting for the storm to pass

while i wait for the storm to pass

i have enough time to praise you

i have enough time to spend in your presence

reading and meditating your holy word.

In the midst of the storm teach me

to keep my eyes on you.

When it’s hardest to believe,

remind me of who i am to you.

Lord, you are great and mighty

Nothing in this world compares to you

You stay faithful even when i tend not to be.

while i am waiting for the storm to pass

let me sing you songs of thanksgiving.

You’ve given me a life i would never have dreamed of

peace that only comes from you

And even when it is hard not to quit

even when it is hard not to cry

deep in me i can hear you whisper: “you are not alone, i am here with you”.

This is what i live for, to know that you will never leave me alone

you always hold onto your promises.

While the storm is raging

and the enemies are happy about my downfall,

my sorrows and pains,

i trust in you.


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pour toi!

Je me sens l’âme d un poète  ce soir

et comme tout autre,

il me prend l envie irrésistible d’écrire ,

Mes bouts de doigts fourmillent,

Il faut que je tienne ma plume.

Sur un papier blanc j écris tout d abord des mots dont je ne comprends guère le sens,

Ensuite au fil des phrases, je me rends compte peu a peu de leur signification.

C est peut être un billet d amour ou de reconnaissance,

Toujours est il que ce sont des sentiments couchés sur du papier

Mais envers qui? Je me le demande encore.

Soudainement, je pense a maman,

Ou peut elle être par cette nuit chaude,

Que fait elle?

Pense t elle a moi?

Assurément, l amour d une mère est comme le sable sur la plage, on ne peut le compter, ni le mesurer.

C est décidé, mon billet parlera d elle.

De ma plume majestueuse, je commence le texte que je veux d être un chef d œuvre.

Tout doucement se forment des phrases mais aucune ne parlent d’elle.

Comment est ce possible?

Toutes mes phrases parlent de lui,

De cet homme dont je suis tombée amoureuse dès le premier regard,

Enveloppée dans ses bras,

assez musclé pour me protéger,

tout aussi doux pour que je me sente comme dans un cocon

Le sourire dont il m’a  gratifié était d une telle sincérité,

qu’il restera a jamais gravé dans ma mémoire.

Cet homme je l aime, un peu, beaucoup et surtout je l aimerais pour toujours.

Comment ne pas quand je me rappelle qu’il a toujours été la pour moi,

Quand j ai fais mes premiers pas,

quand j étais triste,

il avait toujours une phrase réconfortante.

Et maintenant il est toujours à mes côtés,

dans le meilleur comme le pire.

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It is well with my soul

oh Lord you know me

you know what i feel inside

but you managed to love with all my flaws

i’m so thankful to have you

because you watch upon me

i can say without doubting

even when i feel the pain

even when i’m crying

it is well with my soul


Oh Sgr tu me connais

tu me connais de l’interieur

et meme malgré cela et en plus de mes defauts tu m’aime

je suis benie de t’avoir dans ma vie

car tu veilles sur moi

et meme si au dedans j’ai mal

et meme si je pleure

je peux dire avec certitude  que ca va

car tu me gardes sous ton aile.




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when i was just a child

They  lead me to You

They consecrate me in your obedience

I learned how life was supposed to be

With you guarding us like a shepherd

Back then I new you loved me

You call me beloved

And the blood of your dearest son

Was shed so that I can live

I don’t doubt your faithfulness

You are mighty

And I am blessed to be called the son of a God

They don’t believe in you

They say their powers are enough

They think it is your duty to

To put an End in the tragedies the world faces

But deep inside I believe we stuck in

By ourselves trying to prove our supremacy

As human being able to guide the others

I know you call me your beloved

You always find me even when I’m stuck

In a self digged pit

I often fail to obey you

But you still find a way to get me back to you

because i am your beloved one

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loving myself back

i’ve always wonder why

why i feel so uneasy

even thought i believe you are here

i can’t help myself

but comeback to odd deeds

i know it isn’t good for me

although it feels good

but i can’t say no

why do i regret everytime  i fail to obey you

i pray every single day

i make a decision then i break it.

i cry, i feel bad

then lately i realised it takes time

one goes through suffering, rejection

and finally it happened

right in the middle of a relationship

right when i thought i found mr Right

but the more i stayed the more i felt bad

It’s over now, i went trough pain

but i’m happy today

i can live my life obeying you

more confident, facing life with a smile

i finally learn to appreciate myself

and to value it at the most

my body is the temple of the holy spirit

and i love myself back


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a billion of seconds

Days are going just like they started

the sun goes up and later down

the moon is so clear tonight

i take a book, try to read

no i should better be doing something else

put on the tv

there’s this comedy i like so much

these people are just so crazy

just like me

if you were here that’s what you would have said

remember the last time we went out?

so funny, i can’t help myself but thinking

we held hands even when eating

so cute they say

and we just smiled

It’s a long time ago now

i just realised i miss you

it took me a billion of seconds

but you are still here in my heart



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Insight of a night

It’s so cold outside
I put myself together
Walking so quick to reach home
I can stand it anymore
I’m so tired.
I reach home It’s so hot
Take a bath
Just stay there In the water
relaxing, dreaming
Oh well I guess I slept
I was wondering why uncomfortable
It doesn’t feel like bed
I’m Still laying here in the bath
It’s late, I wake up with blurred eyes
get myself dried
It was so good
Laughing with father
Discussing about everything
He who once was so hill
Is healthy, smiling
Then he say goodbye
I want to know more but it is late
Go to bed, how sweet it is
Stand up, kneel down and pray
Go back in bed next stop sweet dreams
Close my eyes but can’t sleep
Wake up put some movie
Back to bed, listening understanding
Then sound with no image
Sinking in the depth of sleep
Hearing nothing anymore
Laying there peacefully
in the warm of a medium sized bed

Oh everyone is there
Papi sitting in the middle
We are around listening to stories
Eating our meal up
“there’s wine” say someone!
Yeah you can have it all say papi
Come hug me say papi
He’s so warm, his arm are so protectiv
Wish I could stay some more


It’s time to wake up.
The night is over
How much I wish you could still be there
Long time you decided to have an eternal sleep
You went without saying goodbye.
You never woke up again.
Hope you were still here

psalm: the magic of faith

i wake up in the morning feeling dizzy, tired

i open the book of life

trying my best to be near you, to hear your voice

still everything is calm

i know you can take it away, i know i will be ok

all because you are mighty

i open the windows and my heart chills

it’s sunny out there

though the snow is falling

i get back to my seat to say thanks

everything is just clear around me

how happy i feel when i know you are near me!

It is not a dream, i can feel it my heart can sing it

i praise you

i call upon you

even in darkest place where i think You can’t see me

you find a way to show me how magnificent you are.

when look at the nature,

the flowers,

the trees growing notwithstanding the cold winter

i know it’s the work of your hands

and deep inside i’m so happy to know you

i’m so happy to be called a son of the almighty