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about christmas

This Is an answer to Simpledimple who asked me what i think about Christmas. Sorry sweetie my computer is down and it is so difficult to write about something but I felt sorry not to give you an answer so here you have my answer. I don’t really have a clue about it. I’ve been raised in many families and I can say without any doubts that it is supposed to be the time when families can meet eat together, in short have fun.
As a Christian I know it is the anniversary of the one who died on the cross for me. I feel happy to be called daughter of the most high and I pray that I leave my whole life in His house and sing praises for him. Yes Christmas for me is a party in my heart because whoever I’m with, whoever I spent the time with I know deep inside of me that it is a beautiful day for me it reminds me how wonderful, lovely and cary my Lord. How bless i am to be there partying. I hope I could give you an answer. If not then just tell me what I forgot and I will be happy to respond 😊 hum about the true meaning of Christmas I will say it lays in every one’s heart everyone has another answer for this question. Some say it is a no Christmas feast but I don’t think it matters when we are aware that Jesus Christ is the savior. I think the day he was born doesn’t matters what important is that I came for us to be saved. Now I hope I said everything I had on my mind. Have a lovely year full of blessings and everyone of you reading rhis