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#tb on avance!

Le temps passe, les heures s’écoulent

Mais mes pensées reviennent

Toujours au même endroit, auprès des mêmes personnes,

Je suis si  loin mais toujours aussi près.

Je n’arrive pas à oublier ces beaux

Moments passées à vos côtés,

Mais encore plus les blessures que je porte en moi,

J’ai été et je suis toujours decu, j’ai mal et pour cela

Nous ne pouvons plus avancer dans la même direction,

Parfois on accorde sa confiance aux gens qui ne le méritent pas,

On néglige ceux qui pour nous seront toujours présents,

On croit aux belles paroles et

On ne voit qu’intérêt dans les gestes même les plus simples.

Je n’ai pas changé j’ai juste décidé de pardonner et oublier.

Lorsque la moisson n’est pas bonne il ne faut pas seulement changer de

Champs ou de jardin mais aussi de méthode et de graines car il en

Faut de nouvelle pour faire pousser de belles fleurs.


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Day 1

Three Day Quote Challenge

from pinterest

There’s always a reason to change once you find it then let the proces start. Try not to hold on the past, it is called past for some reason and has nothing or less to teach you. Look ahead and follow your new path. Find a motivation and don’t quit til you reach your goals.










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You may meet new people, who will or not understand what you are going through.

They will help you ar maybe you are the one who will help.

be kind, be patient, show love and respect. things are going to be alright





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today i  look back

trying to figure out how things have change

it took so much time

i remember i couldn’t smile without thinking ” its fake”

i knew it wasn’t right

but it was not easy to just stop like that

i struggled everyday, every single minutes

time have passed, i finally reach one of the goal i set

saying goodbye to all the things that doesn’t honor you

when i look in a mirror i’m happy to see someone so great

all around they say i’ve changed, it’s true

and it feels good, it is good to finally accept that the road i was taking was wrong

probably they don’t know it

the sad, unconfident, insecure lady in the mirror is no more

the happy, confident has taken the place.

i’ve changed but i just reflect what i always thought of myself

what i always wanted to be deep inside of me.

Thanks to you lord i found my way,

you are right by my side

and i know things will never be the same