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What a beautiful name

I had in my heart this deep feeling i should share with you about this song, this morning,

hope you are doing good! for days i have been somehow convince i can worship through my writing, so here we are again. There are times, when you are still and you question the Lord, ” hey how much to you love me?”. You wait for the answer the same way you asked it but as He can speak through people, music … etc… and so this is the answer to my question this morning

You already know it right. if not,take a bit of your time and listen carefully to it. In this song it is said:

” You didn’t want heaven without us
So Jesus, You brought heaven down
My sin was great, Your love was greater
What could separate us now”

The Lord doesn’t want to stay up there without you, so he came on this earth and died on the cross for you, your sins are forgiven and you have been granted a new life. How much love do you want to experience before believing he really did it for you? John 3: 16

As for me i don’t want anything to seperate me from his love, nothing can stand against or in between us.

for this morning i just want to say: Lord i want to love you, the way you loved me

and though i know your love surpasses everything, help me find my way to you

I am a sinner and sometimes i don’t deserve it, but you stay faithfull and encourage me to come to you!

Oh how i wish i could love that way, without getting angry when things don’t work my way.

Thank you Lord for loving me unconditionally!

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Blindy i will follow when it is necessary,

no maybe every time, yes every time

No matter what they say

maybe it is the best way

no questions, just going confidently ahead

Boldy i will come to your throne

and praise you with the gift you lend me

It is very hard to listen to you

but my desire is: open my heart to your love

yes i want to love even when i can be hurted

i just want to love as blindly as a baby

seeing just the best in everyone

i want to walk in the path you prepared for me

eyes closed because i know who you are.

my eyes are wide open, still i can’t see you

but deep inside i can feel it, the warmth of your embrace