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Never give up on your dream

Never give up on your dream no matter what people say or do

there is one thing i learnedthis morning while watching “one piece”

hahaha you are allowed to laugh specially if you know what iam talking about

i can’t help myself but seeing in every thing i watch the opportunity to learn

it is not something i don’t know but to get reminded by an anime?

that’s the main point

We often watch anime and movies just for untertainment

but what if we could do both

having a great time while learning learning

Never give up on your dream even if it mean dying for it

your dream can be laughable

you will all possible difficulties

people will mock you


Circumstances will be for the party

you will doubt

but keep in sight your goals

what you would like to archieve

if you don’t know something go learn it

there are enough books in the world, grab one

Ask, use your brains

Be willing to learn more everytime

It was a reminder from  “One piece” first episode, the history of Luffy who wants to become the biggest pirat ( theking of pirats) of his time.

In my local church we had this predication about following your dreams at all costs

and the pastor used Zoomania/zootopia as example

my friends and i tought at first time the predication would have some christian movie as example but we were surprised when He announce it was going to be zoomania.

Apart of what i learned that day it was a confirmation that we can learn from anything

even from anime

learn from Juddy Hopps a Rabbit whose dream was to become police officer while every Rabbit has always been a farmer. Her Parents discourage her, so many people told her she couldn’t, but she gave her best, worked hard and at the end she did not just promote as police officer but was the major of that promotion.

Christ promised he will be always there with us, so then what are you afraid of?

If it doesn’t work at least you would have tried but what if it work?

Have a blessed Week

May the Lord of all creations keep you safe.1160adb774a8fbfd1dd0ddbfd6b5d71f


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Saturday vibes

how you feel on saturday

“hello weekend i’m so happy to see you again”

first thing in the morning : no alarm

it’s timeto sleep a bit more

for this wonerful saturday

i just want to say thank you Lord

how hard it was to wake upon monday morning

so early and spend the day away from home sweet home



wish you a wonderful saturday:

“Motivational quote:

Is any thing too hard for the Lord? At the time appointed I will return unto thee, according to the time of life, and Sarah shall have a son.

Genesis 18:14