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day 2 (three days quote challenge)

today we are going to talk about love one of the most popular feeling in the world, one you can live without. i added to the quotes a poem i wrote sometimes ago. Yes love comes and go but i keep believing there’s someone for me. It is the same struggle falling in love and hoping this time it is the right one.

e96ceb6eb990198521964aebfb2c1947When i first saw you,

I had no idea i could fall in love with you
You were not what i dreamed of,
Sometimes you really look stupid and unattractive
You didn’t really care about the world
You had your own predefined,
But with time i got to know you better
And sometimes i even surprised myself thinking of you
I started to believe that love can make us stronger but also weaker
That love has the power to change the belief of people like me.
It‘s the way you make laugh even when i‘m sad236014e3145a766cbbc4a734db1b228c
The way you smile when you look me in the eyes
That makes me think you are the one
And every single day i‘m afraid to lose you.
You are and will be my one and only




I just realised yesterday i forgot to nominate three blogger, so i’m going to do it today


Enid from thevoiceinsideyourheadblog

Kris from Life of Kris


gradmama2011 from Wonderland is a state of mind

Classyivy from Classically ivy

Zoe from Zoe o’sems



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