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3 days quote challenge

today it is about confidence. Since i’m writing some exam i won’t say so much about it. the pictures will. someday later maybe we are going to talk about it.



today’s nominees are the rules are here


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day 2 (three days quote challenge)

today we are going to talk about love one of the most popular feeling in the world, one you can live without. i added to the quotes a poem i wrote sometimes ago. Yes love comes and go but i keep believing there’s someone for me. It is the same struggle falling in love and hoping this time it is the right one.

e96ceb6eb990198521964aebfb2c1947When i first saw you,

I had no idea i could fall in love with you
You were not what i dreamed of,
Sometimes you really look stupid and unattractive
You didn’t really care about the world
You had your own predefined,
But with time i got to know you better
And sometimes i even surprised myself thinking of you
I started to believe that love can make us stronger but also weaker
That love has the power to change the belief of people like me.
It‘s the way you make laugh even when i‘m sad236014e3145a766cbbc4a734db1b228c
The way you smile when you look me in the eyes
That makes me think you are the one
And every single day i‘m afraid to lose you.
You are and will be my one and only




I just realised yesterday i forgot to nominate three blogger, so i’m going to do it today


Enid from thevoiceinsideyourheadblog

Kris from Life of Kris


gradmama2011 from Wonderland is a state of mind

Classyivy from Classically ivy

Zoe from Zoe o’sems

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Day 1

Three Day Quote Challenge

from pinterest

There’s always a reason to change once you find it then let the proces start. Try not to hold on the past, it is called past for some reason and has nothing or less to teach you. Look ahead and follow your new path. Find a motivation and don’t quit til you reach your goals.










from pinterest

You may meet new people, who will or not understand what you are going through.

They will help you ar maybe you are the one who will help.

be kind, be patient, show love and respect. things are going to be alright





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if you are daily on wordpress( not like me) then you know there’s a challenge going on. let me name it: three day quote challenge. as the name just suggest it is a challenge  were you have to post 1-3 quotes a day during 3 days. thanks to Timelesswheel for nominating me.


here are the Rules:

  1. Post three consecutive days.
  2. You can pick one or three quotes per day.
  3. Challenge three different bloggers per day.

for day 1 look out in the next post.


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Hi everyone i hope you are all fine. how about a new feature?
guess what?? i have an idea and i hope you eo will like it and help me true it.
I’m thinking of doing a post every week. the particularity of this post is that you are the one proposing the 7 words i muss use to produce the post? Does it sound appealling? then get your dictionnaries and look for the words.
Those are the rules:
comment your words or just one word below
the comment with the most like will be choosen as the challenge words
i have to publish something within 3 days
After every post you can post the words for the next below in the comments
i hope you like the idea!!!

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Reason to Believe

the reason why i believe?
there is certainly one but i don’t really know
i believe because i have faith
deep inside of me i know i can get through
i believe because i’m convinced that there’s someone
near me guiding me, preaparing the road for me
i believe because they believe in me
if they are convinced i can do then who i am to say i can’t
i believe because i tried once, i pushed hard
hard enough to get through it and it worked
there’s a voice that reminds me always: “you can do it”
even when i am at my weakest point
i know there’s a power left i haven’t use
i know if i believe in it then i can do it
just like R. Kelly i believe i can fly
but that faith that makes me believe
doesn’t come from me it’s heavenly
because if i was left on my own then surely i would have abandonned in the middle of it
i believe because they believe in me
they give me enough courage to stand up and walk for myself
those friends, the family the Lord gave me, they helped me know that i’m more than what i think
they make me stronger with day
because of all this i can stand up and say “i can”
I know for sure i’m not alone that’s why i believe

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le Pont des amours

Sur un pont

Ils balancent sous le vent

Scintillent sous le soleil

Et subissent toutes les intempéries

Sans jamais  se delier.


Ce sont les cadenas des amours

Accrochés là au gré d’une visite

Sous l’emprise de sentiment fort

On s’aimera toute la vie  disent ils

Ceux la qui les accrochent

La date y est

Les détails eux resteront dans les cœurs.


Il y en a pour tous

Les jeunes, les vieux

Les cercles d’amis.

Ils racontent tous une histoire

Parfois c’est une décision prise sous un coup de tête

On les laissera accroché là

jusqu’à ce que l’amour prenne un autre chemin.


Ils seront arraché et jetés a la mer

Ou remplacé par d’autres

Sinon ils resteront accroché

Rappelant qu’on a une fois aimé

Une fois ete assez passionné

Qu’une fois on a voulu partager notre amour

Avec le monde


Oui mais tous ne racontent pas cette histoire

Mais plutôt un engagement pris en grand

La célébration d’une appartenance

Le rappel qu’on s’est lié pour la vie

Qu’on surmontera toutes ses épreuves ensembles

Tous racontent une histoire unique

Qui perdure encore


Certains n’ont pas eux cette chance

Car au fond de la mer

Ils racontent une histoire qui est desormais oubliée

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il y a bientot un an je rencontrait notre metteur en scene et … que sais je encore preferé. moi qui n’aime pas vraiment les photos je me suis surprise entrain de prendre quelques une. Si au grand jamis vous ne le connaissez pas alors allez sur google et tapez: mitoumba ou Ebenezer Kepombia. voila la breve presentation d’une camerounaise vivant en allemagne qui a rencontré un de ces 4 matins un monsieur dont la reputation n’est plus a refaire.wpid-wp-1432826339775.jpeg

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blogger award

Wow! Thank you to Joana Salazar  for nominating for both Versatile and Lovely award. Thank you so much for taking time to check out my blog and actually considering it for this award. If you haven’t visited her blogs please do you might find her posts inspiring. 


  1. Thank the person who gave you this award.
  2. Include a link to their blog.

  3. Select 15 blogs that you’ve recently discovered or follow regularly.

  4. Nominate those 15 bloggers for the Versatile Blogger Award.

  5. Finally, tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.



  1. You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

  2. List the rules and display the award.

  3. Add seven facts about yourself.

  4. Nominate however many other bloggers and let them know about their nomination!

Here are the 7 facts about me

  1. i love reading and writing as well
  2. i like to sleep late
  3. i am christian
  4. i am creative and love Diys
  5. it is difficult to give 7 facts about me
  6. oh i am a procrastination queen
  7. humm i am the new president of my association


blogs i nominate, feel free to write it in your language( talking about my francophone buddies)