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about fallacies

Since i don’t know what fallacy is

I think there is no reason

No reason for me to write

I looked in the dictionary

Therefore I can’t lie I don’t know what it is

But for instance I plead I didn’t understand

The explanation were so hard to understand

And I believe like so much people out there

There’s no reason to write when you can say nothing

But maybe let me try

Something out of nowhere can come out

That’s just how great authors write isn’t it?

I’m an author therefore I am a creator

So actually I will create something

For the sake of the thing

For the fun out of it

Since Descartes said: “Dubito ergo cogito, cogito ergo sum”

“I doubt therefore I think, I think therefore I am”

I’m an author(even just in mind) therefore I create




Young african and proud to be lady. i love writing and sharing with others. In the meantime i'm an economics student living in germany

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