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today i  look back

trying to figure out how things have change

it took so much time

i remember i couldn’t smile without thinking ” its fake”

i knew it wasn’t right

but it was not easy to just stop like that

i struggled everyday, every single minutes

time have passed, i finally reach one of the goal i set

saying goodbye to all the things that doesn’t honor you

when i look in a mirror i’m happy to see someone so great

all around they say i’ve changed, it’s true

and it feels good, it is good to finally accept that the road i was taking was wrong

probably they don’t know it

the sad, unconfident, insecure lady in the mirror is no more

the happy, confident has taken the place.

i’ve changed but i just reflect what i always thought of myself

what i always wanted to be deep inside of me.

Thanks to you lord i found my way,

you are right by my side

and i know things will never be the same


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While Reading the assignment for yesterday, I asked myself what could my goals be. It is not the first time I come to question myself about it.

So first of all

Why to I do blog?

It’s simple I love writing but I started a blog because ….( I don’t no) I am a page host at facebook and I wanted more people especially the one who don’t have facebook to be able to read and share with me.

I realized sometimes ago I blog because I wanted to meet people from everywhere, from other cultures, countries. this is the reason why I don’t really have my friends as follower. Sure I really enjoy writing, share my thoughts on how I apprehend my life, What has changed and what not.

I also started a blog because I find it fun. I haven’t set any goal but I’m thinking of it.  Thanks to the #dailypost I know I will  almost always have something to write about. here is the first one:

*From now on I will be more present on my blog.

*at least one story a month( i know i can do it yeah!!!

*gain more follower every month

*collaborate ( or get a feature) with three others blogs by the month of mai


If your blog exceeded your wildest dreams, what would that look like?

since i blog out of fun and passion everything is already unbelievable

I will be surprised if my blog could have thousand follower. I think of it just as a dream but it is not a goal I set. i will be happy to have so much followers but What will really make me happy will be the fact that someone decide to learn something new or change how he sees life because of my experience and failure. In other words do the right thing when confronted to a similar  situation.

what i dream for is an amazing design, done by myself with all i like and still good enough for people to find theirselves in.

Of course i am just a lady who writes about her life, what she discovered her adventures hoping it will help someone somewhere.