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Hopelessly in love

What was i even thinking??
I act like if it was meaningless but still my mind was full of this pictures.
There were hidden right inside my heart, they manage to come at the surface
The most of the time.
But what was I thinking??
Like actually he will just come, I use to dream but it has never been so painful.
A dream I couldn’t actually archieve just by my means alone,
just to painful to admit that I came here just to see him again after this long time.
I lose faith or rather hope went I realized how late it was
In my inner self, I knew it from the moment I step in this room he won’t come.
He didn’t like such things, he really act like a grown up( let say like an old man) this was also the reason I loved him so much.
He prefered staying home and chat with friends.
I made a decision once and even if I can come back, I don’t want to.
It’s like I choosed to have this pain, to dream of him every night and day.
I didn’t actually want him to go but what can do about.
I know it’s all my fault,
Acting strangely, picking fight everywhere
Being arrogant and selfish,
I know it is all my fault.
I loved him and although I wasn’t always that natural, I tried to bring out the best of me
I know I can do it more than well
But will I ever have to chance to show it??
What am I going to fo?
I will sit here cry all my soul,
Write his name on every piece of paper
Pray for him not to go away
To come back
I know it can’t be helped,
I’m hopelessly in love with a prince.



Young african and proud to be lady. i love writing and sharing with others. In the meantime i'm an economics student living in germany

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