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Looking for you

It’s been a long time since I met you my friend
The circumstances weren’t the best
Papi had just passed away and it was mourning time
We didn’t spend that much time together
How could we, when our heart were filled with bitterness, sadness?
We just lost someone we loved,
Someone who loved us.
Since then I’ve been thinking of you
Wondering when we were going to meet again
I’m so faraway now
What if I was still home?
You know I’m still your sister
The one you took care of when mama was at school
I surely changed, it was unavoidable
I’m neither that 18 month baby nor am I the 17th year old teenager you met
My heart is still the same,
I miss those I love.
This morning particularly I’m searching everywhere
Want to see you, to call you,
Say hello goodbye and hear your voice one more time
Hope you are doing fine



Young african and proud to be lady. i love writing and sharing with others. In the meantime i'm an economics student living in germany

4 thoughts on “Looking for you

  1. Hope you can at least call him and hear his voice and why not see him again soon.. Is this your Story? Even if you are now a grown up lady, i believe that love and care of a lovely brother never dies.. the circumtances change, but the heart remains the same as you said.. Many likes for the writing and the touching story

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  2. Ehkie choupi tu ecris aussi déjà en Anglais ou c’est moi qui perd la tête?
    Hum quand j’ai begin ma part on m’a lavé hein j’espère que tu es prête lol!

    Anyway you’ve always known as a fan of your writing style this time again you did it right. If both of you reunite don’t forget to invite me 😉

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