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I, myself and me

I like or mostly really love books, men and cooking

Don’t like chocolate

Find it difficult to trust

I believe in Christ

I know everything happens for a reason

I’m not lasy but some days just wanna sit around doing nothing

Watching some romance

Drinking some wine

I appreciate walking and observe the nature

I don’t cry for nothing just when I’m deeply hurt

I love the friends I have

I love my family

I don’t respect the rules

I prefer doing things my way

I hate talking about people and being jealous

I learn every day to appreciate myself more than I ever did

I like small talks, long conversation

Feel sometimes lonely

I make mistakes, learn from it

I’m afraid of being hurt

So I try to keep control on everything

Find peace in prayers or worship songs

Like to listen to love songs most of the time

But some days I stay up and shake that body

Will like to be able to cry when I need it

But it’s like I had no more tears

So whenever I feel sad I take a good warm shower,

Lay on the bed and try to find some peace in the arms of morphee

Some days I will like to have my friends with me

Starring at each other saying nothing

Or laying down admiring some imaginary stars.



Young african and proud to be lady. i love writing and sharing with others. In the meantime i'm an economics student living in germany

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